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  A 5-Year Strategy for Greater Dalton  

The citizens of Dalton and Whitfield County (2,220 of you, in fact!) came together to focus on what our community needs for the future - the things we must do to thrive, grow and become more competitive. 

We took that input, collected additional facts and compared our community to nine similar southern towns.



Greater Dalton’s business climate is best in class. Our regulatory climate and tax structures are extremely competitive compared to similar places. 



62% of those earning more than $40,000 a year at a job in Whitfield County choose to live somewhere else. 

The bad news is big news! If 62% of our workforce lives elsewhere, they’re paying taxes elsewhere and supporting the small businesses, restaurants, shops and services of other communities, not ours.  

  • If we want to be an attractive place to work AND live, we have work to do. We need to improve the health of our economy and the vibrancy of our downtown, increase our housing options, upgrade our educational outcomes, enhance overall quality of life and increase the support we provide to entrepreneurs. 

  • We BELIEVE we can change. And we want your help.

 Here are the first steps for the  6 strategies of our plan: 

Education Partnership to Align Greater Dalton’s Talent Pipeline


Brian Cooksey, Shaw Industries

Joe Yarbrough, The Carpet & Rug Institute

  • Based on the Strive model of collective impact

  • Focused entirely on educational attainment & skill sets

  • Community based

  • Educational excellence is the most important factor in attracting young families


 Establish Downtown Dalton  as a Destination District 

  • Young Professionals and families expect downtown to be a destination

  • Downtown housing will increase vibrancy and help provide diverse housing options

  • ​Increased vibrancy downtown enhances talent attraction and retention as well as quality of life and place


David Aft, Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia

John Davis, Peacock Alley/Affordable Real Estate

 Create a Scalable Physical Hub  for Entrepreneurship in  Downtown Dalton 

  • A physical location for entrepreneurs to interact and share ideas

  • Entrepreneur-specific business training

  • Opportunity to partner with Dalton State College & Georgia Northwestern Technical College


Bryan Macon, Dorsett Industries

Barry Slaymaker, Barrett Properties

Sustain a Best-Practice Economic Development Program


Kevin Harris, Arrowstar, LLC

Jeff Myers, Hamilton Health Care System, Inc.


  • Focus on economic growth AND diversity

  • Must focus on industrial attraction, business retention, and support for entrepreneurs

  • New jobs increase the overall economy


Todd Harrison, Hamilton Medical Center

Melanie Suggs, Greenwood Development


Launch a Campaign to Enhance Community Pride


Deanna Mathis, Shaw Industries

Charlie Bethel, Georgia Court of Appeals

  • Internal and external image and marketing campaign

  • Enhance ongoing economic development & CVB external marketing

  • Amplify and accelerate progress towards the other 5 initiatives

  • Engaging young professionals in this effort enhances talent attraction & retention


 Pursue a Competitive & Diverse Housing Stock 

  • Building high-quality housing at competitive prices will drastically aid talent attraction & retention

  • A diverse range of housing will appeal to a broad audience

  • Encouraging workers to also live here dramatically enhances local vitality

  • More appealing housing options increase local quality of place


Todd Harrison, Hamilton Medical Center

Melanie Suggs, Greenwood Development