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Community Pride Heart.png


Launch a Campaign to Enhance Community Pride


Deanna Mathis | Director - Community Outreach & Corporate Giving, Shaw Industries

  • Internal and external image and marketing campaign

  • Enhance ongoing economic development & CVB external marketing

  • Amplify and accelerate progress towards the other 5 initiatives

  • Engaging young professionals in this effort enhances talent attraction & retention


One of the recommendations that emerged from the Believe Greater Dalton strategic plan was the development of a new grassroots community brand identity to serve as a focal point of community pride.


We rallied together with local partners from the Creative Arts Guild, the Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Downtown Development Authority, the Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia, and others to create branding and a tagline with the goal of inspiring community pride in our residents and attracting potential residents/visitors.

We wanted to capture the refreshing, warm, and welcoming feeling of home that you get when you're in Dalton. Just like our community, the logo is vibrant and playful yet composed.


The “O” mark has a double meaning. While one interpretation is a rolled up rug, symbolizing our heritage deeply rooted in the carpet & flooring industry, another is a fingerprint representing the uniqueness of the area and its people.

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