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Believe Greater Dalton is our community’s strategic plan that was championed by the Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce and launched in January of 2018. The process to help us understand what Greater Dalton needed to focus on to thrive, grow, and continue to be more competitive began in 2016 when over 2,200 citizens responded to a survey to let us know what they thought of our community. That input was combined with additional research and a comparison to nine other communities of similar size in the Southeast and resulted in the Believe Greater Dalton plan.

At the end of our first five years, we launched another survey where we received community feedback about the work we accomplished. This feedback helped us to lay the foundation for what will be the next five years of Believe Greater Dalton. We have restructured our six strategies to include two new strategies: Economic Development and Revitalization. Each of the six areas has its own objectives, but they are all interrelated, and when one sees success, they all succeed. Specific outcomes will be measured and communicated annually, and those outcomes depend on ALL of us working together believing in the future of Greater Dalton.


We will officially roll out the second phase of Believe in March 2023 at our 321 Launch Party. 

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